ferrair-logoFor just over 20 years, Shadola Sun Screen Systems has enjoyed a strong working relationship with INNOVA International. To cover our state-of-the-art Shadola’s, INNOVA have been our preferred supplier of performance engineered textiles. The INNOVA range covers a broad range of highly differentiated, purpose designed textiles including architectural fabrics, marquee and solar protection materials, cladding foils, upholstery fabrics, as well as a large selection of marine textiles. Bringing together the skills and professional quality products from both companies, results in a finished product that rivals any sun-protection system in price, looks, quality and durability.

PVC Membrane

For the best result for our clients Shadola Sun Screen Systems uses a wide selection of PVC membranes from INNOVA. Although each product has specific technical characteristics, all of the INNOVA products can be counted for a number of reasons:

  • The wide range of colours achieved through stringent pigment selection and quality formulations that give their products superior UV resistance and colour fastness.
  • INNOVA’s products are manufactured with a patented technology in France, resulting in a membrane that has superior strength and stability, holding its shape despite frequent use and demanding weather conditions.
  • The superior finish prevents ageing of the material and pollution damage, eradicating moisture build-up and wicking.
  • INNOVA products have been developed to have an increased mechanical and abrasion resistance as well as an exceptional dimensional stability. This means that the Membrane structures don’t require re-tensioning.
INNOVA Product: Précontraint 502
Suitable for a variety of applications, from blinds and awnings to shade sails, canopies and light structures, the versatile Précontraint 502 colour range has been one of the most popular products since its arrival in the Australian market over 17 years ago.

40 vibrant colours gives the range a thoroughly modern feel giving designers a wide range of choice. The range completely complements current architectural designs.

Manufactured using the patented Ferrari Précontraint® technology ensures superior strength and stability, enabling 502 to maintain its shape and perform under demanding and frequent use. Stringent pigment selection processes and quality formulations also give 502 matchless UV resistance and colour fastness.

With a diverse and contemporary colour palette, combined with proven longevity, Précontraint 502 continues to lead the market as the most colourful and reliable of all tensile membrane textiles.


Colours: 40 View colour range PDF
Width: 180 cm
Weight: 590 gsm
Construction: Woven polyester base cloth, weldable PVC coating
Surface Finish: Acrylic varnish both sides
Applications: Lightweight tensile membrane structures, awnings and canopies, shade sails, exterior screens and lightweight tents.
Warranty: 5 Years
Recyclable: 100% Texyloop Recyclable

Link for more information:–contraint-502/

INNOVA Product: Précontraint 702 8104 S2 White

Incorporating major new features for industrial and event buildings, Précontraint 702 8104 S2 lightweight, translucency and durability advantages make it an ideal fabric choice for long term outdoor structures.

The patented Ferrari Précontraint manufacturing method ensures exceptional dimensional stability and consistency of the membrane, allowing the fabric to retain shape during its installation and over time. The S2 coating applied to the surface of 702 8104 S2 produces a smooth and shiny finish providing excellent resistance to ageing and pollution, while still maintaining weldability on both sides for ease of fabrication. The base cloth has also been given an anti-capillary treatment, that eradicates moisture build up and wicking issues.

The superior translucency of 702 8104 S2 allows high levels of natural light to flow through while also providing maximum UV resistance. This exceptional luminosity is the best choice for structures ranging from storage or logistic buildings to large exhibition or sport marquees, offering interior visual comfort and ideal working conditions. Externally, 702 8104 S2 fabric maintains a new, ‘whiter’ look for a longer period, reducing maintenance costs and providing a better return on investment.


Colours: 1
Width: 250/267 cm
Weight: 750 gsm
Construction: Woven polyester base cloth, PVC coating
Surface Finish: Weldable PVDF both sides
Applications: Lightweight tensile membrane structures and permanent tensile membrane structures
Warranty: 5 Years
Recyclable: 100 %

Link for more information:–contraint-702-8104-s2-white/

INNOVA Product: Précontraint 802 S2

Précontraint 802S2 architectural fabric from Serge Ferrari is purpose-designed for the harsh Australian conditions. Available in a convenient 267cm width, 802S2 is ideal for medium sized structures – from car park shading to tensile canopies.

Combining a low-wick, treated base cloth (both warp and weft directions), the new S2 PVDF surface treatment provides an easy-care gloss finish.

802S2 is available in four key architectural colours and is backed by a leading 15 year warranty.

The unique characteristics of Précontraint® textiles deliver many benefits to building professionals worldwide.

Précontraint 802S2 displays an increased mechanical and abrasion resistance and an exceptional dimensional stability. Membrane structures don’t require re-tensioning, ensuring significant savings in project costs.

During the Précontraint® process, base cloth yarns are tensioned in warp and weft directions, allowing yarns to sit flatter and straighter than conventional fabrics. This enables a thicker PVC coating to be applied over the yarn crest, giving a more even and smoother surface. The coating enhances UV resistance and colour fastness, while the smoother surface ensures ease of maintenance.

Formula S2 PVDF coating optimises the aesthetic appearance of the fabric, while preserving the superb welding performance. With a 40% slip coefficient increase, S2 delivers the perfect balance between ease-of-installation and long-term dirt resistance.


Colours: 4 View colour range PDF
Width: 267 cm
Weight: 850 gsm
Construction: Woven polyester base cloth, PVC coating
Surface Finish: Weldable PVDF both sides
Applications: Permanent tensile membrane structures and lightweight tensile membrane structures.
Warranty: 15 Years
Recyclable: 100 %

Link for more information:–contraint-802-s2/


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